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[movies]Gary Greenberg: The beautiful nano details of our world - TED.com
When photographed under a 3D microscope, grains of sand appear like colorful pieces of candy and the stamens in a flower become like fantastical spires at an amusement park. Gary Greenberg reveals the thrilling details of the micro world. (Filmed at TEDxMaui.)
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; nature; photography; TEDxMaui; 2012
Downloads: 322
[movies]Deborah Gordon: What ants teach us about the brain, cancer and the Internet - TED.com
Ecologist Deborah Gordon studies ants wherever she can find them -- in the desert, in the tropics, in her kitchen ... In this fascinating talk, she explains her obsession with insects most of us would happily swat away without a second thought. She argues that ant life provides a useful model for learning about many other topics, including disease, technology and the human brain.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; insects; nature; science; TED2014; 2014
Downloads: 71
[movies]Nick Veasey: Exposing the invisible - TED.com
Nick Veasey shows outsized X-ray images that reveal the otherworldly inner workings of familiar objects -- from the geometry of a wildflower to the anatomy of a Boeing 747. Producing these photos is dangerous and painstaking, but the reward is a superpower: looking at what the human eye can't see.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; art; nature; photography; science; TEDGlobal 2009; 2009
Downloads: 123
[movies]Bernie Krause: The voice of the natural world - TED.com
Bernie Krause has been recording wild soundscapes -- the wind in the trees, the chirping of birds, the subtle sounds of insect larvae -- for 45 years. In that time, he has seen many environments radically altered by humans, sometimes even by practices thought to be environmentally safe. A surprising look at what we can learn through nature's symphonies, from the grunting of a sea anemone to the sad calls of a beaver in mourning.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; animals; nature; sound; TEDGlobal 2013; 2013
Downloads: 337
[movies]Matthew Childs' 9 life lessons from rock climbing - TED.com
In this talk from TED University 2009, veteran rock climber Matthew Childs shares nine pointers for rock climbing. These handy tips bear on an effective life at sea level, too.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2009; TED; Talks; adventure; entertainment; environment; nature; 2009
Downloads: 125
[movies]Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world - TED.com
We live in a world of unseeable beauty, so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye. To bring this invisible world to light, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg bends the boundaries of time and space with high-speed cameras, time lapses and microscopes. At TED2014, he shares highlights from his latest project, a 3D film titled "Mysteries of the Unseen World," which slows down, speeds up, and magnifies the astonishing wonders of nature.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; film; nature; photography; TED2014; 2014
Downloads: 275
[movies]Karen Bass: Unseen footage, untamed nature - TED.com
At TED2012, filmmaker Karen Bass shares some of the astonishing nature footage she's shot for the BBC and National Geographic -- including brand-new, previously unseen footage of the tube-lipped nectar bat, who feeds in a rather unusual way …
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; animals; film; nature; science; TED2012; 2012
Downloads: 292
[movies]Jon Mooallem: The strange story of the teddy bear, and what it reveals about our relationship to animals - TED.com
In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt legendarily spared the life of a black bear -- and prompted a plush toy craze for so-called "teddy bears." Writer Jon Mooallem digs into this story and asks us to consider how the tales we tell about wild animals have real consequences for a species' chance of survival -- and the natural world at large.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; environment; nature; TED2014; 2014
Downloads: 68
[movies]Antonio Donato Nobre: The magic of the Amazon: A river that flows invisibly all around us - TED.com
The Amazon River is like a heart, pumping water from the seas through it, and up into the atmosphere through 600 billion trees, which act like lungs. Clouds form, rain falls and the forest thrives. In a lyrical talk, Antonio Donato Nobre talks us through the interconnected systems of this region, and how they provide environmental services to the entire world. A parable for the extraordinary symphony that is nature
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; climate change; nature; trees; TEDxAmazonia; 2010
Downloads: 36
[movies]Ameenah Gurib-Fakim: Humble plants that hide surprising secrets - TED.com
In this intriguing talk, biologist Ameenah Gurib-Fakim introduces us to rare plant species from isolated islands and regions of Africa. Meet the shape-shifting benjoin; the baume de l'ile plate, which might offer a new treatment for asthma; and the iconic baobab tree, which could hold the key to the future of food. Plus: monkey apples.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; Planets; biodiversity; biology; nature; TEDGlobal 2014; 2014
Downloads: 106
[movies]Boyd Varty: What I learned from Nelson Mandela - TED.com
"In the cathedral of the wild, we get to see the best parts of ourselves reflected back to us." Boyd Varty, a wildlife activist, shares stories of animals, humans and their interrelatedness, or "ubuntu" -- defined as, "I am, because of you." And he dedicates the talk to South African leader Nelson Mandela, the human embodiment of that same great-hearted, generous spirit.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Africa; culture; nature; TEDWomen 2013; 2013
Downloads: 118
[movies]Frans Lanting: Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom - TED.com
Nature photographer Frans Lanting uses vibrant images to take us deep into the animal world. In this short, visual talk he calls for us to reconnect with other earthly creatures, and to shed the metaphorical skins that separate us from each other.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; animals; nature; photography; TED2014; 2014
Downloads: 83
[movies]Nalini Nadkarni: Life science in prison - TED.com
Nalini Nadkarni challenges our perspective on trees and prisons -- she says both can be more dynamic than we think. Through a partnership with the state of Washington, she brings science classes and conservation programs to inmates, with unexpected results.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biosphere; crime; environment; nature; prison; social change; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 57
[movies]Julian Treasure: Shh! Sound health in 8 steps - TED.com
Julian Treasure says our increasingly noisy world is gnawing away at our mental health -- even costing lives. He lays out an 8-step plan to soften this sonic assault (starting with those cheap earbuds) and restore our relationship with sound.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2010; TED; Talks; design; music; nature; psychology; science; 2010
Downloads: 71
[movies]Dennis vanEngelsdorp: a plea for bees - TED.com
Bees are dying in droves. Why? Leading apiarist Dennis vanEngelsdorp looks at the gentle, misunderstood creature's important place in nature and the mystery behind its alarming disappearance.
Keywords: TEDTalks; Taste3 2008; TED; Talks; animals; disease; food; insects; life; nature; 2008
Downloads: 94
[movies]Shimon Steinberg: Natural pest control ... using bugs! - TED.com
At TEDxTelAviv, Shimon Steinberg looks at the difference between pests and bugs -- and makes the case for using good bugs to fight bad bugs, avoiding chemicals in our quest for perfect produce.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxTelAviv 2010; TED; Talks; agriculture; green; insects; nature; technology; 2010
Downloads: 97
[movies]Rachel Sussman: The world's oldest living things - TED.com
Rachel Sussman shows photographs of the world's oldest continuously living organisms -- from 2,000-year-old brain coral off Tobago's coast to an "underground forest" in South Africa that has lived since before the dawn of agriculture.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biodiversity; biology; environment; life; nature; photography; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 124
[movies]Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action - TED.com
Janine Benyus has a message for inventors: When solving a design problem, look to nature first. There you'll find inspired designs for making things waterproof, aerodynamic, solar-powered and more. Here she reveals dozens of new products that take their cue from nature with spectacular results.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biodiversity; biology; biomimicry; biotech; creativity; design; innovation; invention; nature; TEDGlobal 2009; 2009
Downloads: 455
[movies]James Cameron: Before Avatar ... a curious boy - TED.com
James Cameron's big-budget (and even bigger-grossing) films create unreal worlds all their own. In this personal talk, he reveals his childhood fascination with the fantastic -- from reading science fiction to deep-sea diving -- and how it ultimately drove the success of his blockbuster hits "Aliens," "The Terminator," "Titanic" and "Avatar."
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; adventure; entertainment; film; nature; oceans; storytelling; technology; writing; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 530
[movies]Rob Harmon: How the market can keep streams flowing - TED.com
With streams and rivers drying up because of over-usage, Rob Harmon has implemented an ingenious market mechanism to bring back the water. Farmers and beer companies find their fates intertwined in the intriguing century-old tale of Prickly Pear Creek.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxRainier; TED; Talks; business; environment; global issues; innovation; nature; sustainability; water; 2010
Downloads: 257
[movies]Angela Belcher: Using nature to grow batteries - TED.com
Inspired by an abalone shell, Angela Belcher programs viruses to make elegant nanoscale structures that humans can use. Selecting for high-performing genes through directed evolution, she's produced viruses that can construct powerful new batteries, clean hydrogen fuels and record-breaking solar cells. At TEDxCaltech, she shows us how it's done.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxCaltech; TED; Talks; DNA; alternative energy; biology; evolution; genetics; nature; virus; 2011
Downloads: 141
[movies]Pilobolus perform "Symbiosis" - TED.com
Two Pilobolus dancers perform "Symbiosis." Does it trace the birth of a relationship? Or the co-evolution of symbiotic species? Music: "God Music," George Crumb; "Fratres," Arvo Part; "Morango…Almost a Tango," Thomas Oboe Lee.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2005; TED; Talks; arts; dance; entertainment; nature; performance; science; 2005
Downloads: 194
[movies]Shubhendu Sharma: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere - TED.com
A forest planted by humans, then left to nature’s own devices, typically takes at least 100 years to mature. But what if we could make the process happen ten times faster? In this short talk, eco-entrepreneur (and TED Fellow) Shubhendu Sharma explains how to create a mini-forest ecosystem anywhere.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; TED Fellows; engineering; garden; nature; open-source; trees; TED2014; 2014
Downloads: 90
[movies]Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination - TED.com
Pollination: it's vital to life on Earth, but largely unseen by the human eye. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows us the intricate world of pollen and pollinators with gorgeous high-speed images from his film "Wings of Life," inspired by the vanishing of one of nature's primary pollinators, the honeybee.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2011; TED; Talks; beauty; evolution; film; life; nature; 2011
Downloads: 186
[movies]Greg Asner: Ecology from the air - TED.com
What are our forests really made of? From the air, ecologist Greg Asner uses a spectrometer and high-powered lasers to map nature in meticulous kaleidoscopic 3D detail -- what he calls “a very high-tech accounting system” of carbon. In this fascinating talk, Asner gives a clear message: To save our ecosystems, we need more data, gathered in new ways.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biodiversity; drones; nature; science; technology; TEDGlobal 2013; 2013
Downloads: 72
[movies]Mathieu Lehanneur demos science-inspired design - TED.com
Naming science as his chief inspiration, Mathieu Lehanneur shows a selection of his ingenious designs -- an interactive noise-neutralizing ball, an antibiotic course in one layered pill, asthma treatment that reminds kids to take it, a living air filter, a living-room fish farm and more.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; design; disease; green; innovation; nature; product design; science; technology; TEDGlobal 2009; 2009
Downloads: 58
[movies]Frans Lanting's lyrical nature photos - TED.com
In this stunning slideshow, celebrated nature photographer Frans Lanting presents The LIFE Project, a poetic collection of photographs that tell the story of our planet, from its eruptive beginnings to its present diversity. Soundtrack by Philip Glass.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2005; TED; Talks; animals; art; arts; design; evolution; fish; nature; photography; storytelling; 2005
Downloads: 210
[movies]Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic? - TED.com
Product designer Eben Bayer reveals his recipe for a new, fungus-based packaging material that protects fragile stuff like furniture, plasma screens -- and the environment.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; environment; green; nature; plastic; product design; technology; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 271
[movies]Jane Goodall on what separates us from the apes - TED.com
Jane Goodall hasn't found the missing link, but she's come closer than nearly anyone else. The primatologist says the only real difference between humans and chimps is our sophisticated language. She urges us to start using it to change the world.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2002; TED; Talks; Africa; Featured; animals; culture; environment; global issues; nature; primates; science; 2002
Downloads: 168
[movies]Munir Virani: Why I love vultures - TED.com
As natural garbage collectors, vultures are vital to our ecosystem -- so why all the bad press? Why are so many in danger of extinction? Raptor biologist Munir Virani says we need to pay more attention to these unique and misunderstood creatures, to change our perception and save the vultures.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; adventure; animals; biology; birds; nature; science; TED@Nairobi; 2012
Downloads: 214
[movies]Eric Sanderson pictures New York -- before the City - TED.com
400 years after Hudson found New York harbor, Eric Sanderson shares how he made a 3D map of Mannahatta's fascinating pre-city ecology of hills, rivers, wildlife -- accurate down to the block -- when Times Square was a wetland and you couldn't get delivery.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; cities; environment; history; life; nature; sustainability; technology; visualizations; TEDGlobal 2009; 2009
Downloads: 123
[movies]Asha de Vos: Why you should care about whale poo - TED.com
Whales have a surprising and important job, says marine biologist Asha de Vos: these massive creatures are ecosystem engineers, keeping the oceans healthy and stable by ... well, by pooping, for a start. Learn from de Vos, a TED Fellow, about the undervalued work that whales do to help maintain the stability and health of our seas — and our planet.
Keywords: Tedtalks; TED; Talks; TED Fellows; biology; nature; oceans; TEDGlobal 2014; 2014
Downloads: 37
[movies]E.O. Wilson on saving life on Earth - TED.com
As E.O. Wilson accepts his 2007 TED Prize, he makes a plea on behalf of all creatures that we learn more about our biosphere -- and build a networked encyclopedia of all the world's knowledge about life.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2007; TED; Talks; TED Prize; ants; biodiversity; biology; biosphere; global issues; nature; science; technology; 2007
Downloads: 508
[movies]Ross Lovegrove shares organic designs - TED.com
Designer Ross Lovegrove expounds his philosophy of “fat-free” design and offers insight into several of his extraordinary products, including the Ty Nant water bottle and the Go chair.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2005; TED; Talks; DNA; arts; biology; creativity; design; industrial design; invention; nature; product design; transportation; 2005
Downloads: 168
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